Curtin University has organised a photography competition for residents of Western Australia to coincide with National Science Week in August.

The theme of the contest, which is open only to residents of Western Australia, is the basic elements of air, earth, water and fire. Entries are being sought from photographers at all levels among staff, students and members of the public. Winning photographs will be judged on their creativity and ability to uniquely interpret and capture images that reflect the various elements. Prizes on offer are five iPad Minis with 32GB Wi-Fi for the best student and element categories  plus a $100 voucher for Camera House for the People’s Choice Award. The categories are as follows:
 – Best Wind Photo
 – Best Water Photo
 – Best Fire Photo
 – Best Earth Photo
 – Student Award for entrants under the age of 18
 – People’s Choice Award

Entrants may submit a maximum of two photographs in each of the four categories (earth, water, air and fire). Only those under the age of 18 years can enter the student category.

All entrants must agree to the terms and conditions (available online) prior to submitting their entry. Full details are available at