Tangents 11 September – 5 October 2013 Edmund Pearce Gallery Level 2 Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston Street (cnr Flinders Lane), …



11 September – 5 October 2013
Edmund Pearce Gallery
Level 2 Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston Street
(cnr Flinders Lane), Melbourne VIC
Wed – Sat 11am – 5pm

In this new series, Michael Corridore uses references to Cubism and art history, redefining such ideas in a modern photographic context. This project was commenced in 2000 and recently completed with the help of advances in digital capture technology; vibrant and subtle colour can now be fully preserved in the collage process.

Michael Corridore has been selected as a finalist in the Olive Cotton Portrait Prize 2013. He has been nominated for the 5th Prix Pictet Global Photographic Award (with the Shortlist of nominees to be announced in Paris in November 2013).

Tangent #3781 image from this series has been selected as a Finalist in the 2013 Bowness Photography Prize.


Tangent #3781


Gallery Statement

Although a departure from the ‘Angry Black Snake’ series and ongoing landscape work, Tangents reflects Michael’s deep artistic practise and an ability to experiment confidently with different techniques and styles. Such strong technique reflects this photographer’s mastery of his craft.

Jason McQuoid, Co-Director, Edmund Pearce Gallery on the work of Michael Corridore, 2013
(Michael Corridore is a represented artist by Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne)

Artist Statement Michael Corridore, 2013

Because I work everyday as a photographer, collage and still life helps me to look at things differently, while exploring digital media as photography changes.

In this series of collages, I have returned to a series that I had started in 2000. The original series resulted in about a dozen or so photographs. My first attempts at collage were through printing negatives onto black and white lithographic film and layering multiple sheets of those films onto a light box and photographing the assembled sheets as collages.

From there I decided to experiment with digital capture of the original components and assemble the layers in Photoshop so that I could preserve colour, which was lost in the lithographic printing process. This was my first foray into working with digital capture technology.

In the past year I began to explore this collage process again photographing various forms working with life models, mannequins and various household objects which offered me the opportunity to explore both malleable and solid forms and shapes that could be layered together in the assembled collages.

This exploration in collage stems from my interest in the Cubists approach to re-interpreting what we see from differing perspectives and synthesize those components of our observations and memory information onto a flat page.

About Michael Corridore

Michael Corridore’s work is held in several prestigious permanent collections including The Art Gallery of New South Wales; Gold Coast Art Gallery; Ipswich Art Gallery and the Haggerty Museum of Art, USA. He has been selected as a finalist in national and international art prizes. In Australia: National Photographic Portrait Prize; Josephine Ulrich and Win Schubert Prize; Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize; Olive Cotton Portrait Prize; Citigroup Portrait Prize; and the Bowness Photography Prize in 2011 and 2013. In New York: 2009 Winner Aperture Foundation Portfolio Prize, and the New York Photo Festival. In Switzerland: 2013 nominated for the 5th Prix Pictet Global Award. He has exhibited extensively both in Australia and overseas.

Born in Melbourne, Michael Corridore now lives in Sydney, spending time between New York and Australia on assignments.

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Tangent #4107



Tangent #8045



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Tangent #0001



Tangent #4102