Manfrotto has released a new professional modular video rig system that provides stable support and easy accessory use for photographers who shoot movies with DSLR cameras.


Built for flexibility and speed, SYMPLA’s core elements are a quick release plate with micrometric knobs for each axis of movement, swivel-joint hand grips with a single control knob for all adjustments, USB remote control compatibility and a shoulder mount that comfortably supports and balances the rig with the camera and all its accessories. The SYMPLA System allows users to change anything and everything easily and quickly: hand grip positions, counterbalance, camera body, lens, accessories, filters, light-shielding angle, shoulder-supported, hand-held, or tripod/monopod-mounted.

Three SYMPLA starter kits are also available, to provide pre-configured solutions to the most common problems faced by videographers using new cameras. The Shoulder Support System (RRP AU$1450) offers solid load balancing, fine control and positioning flexibility. The Flexible Mattebox System (RRP AU$1450) allows professional 4×4 filters to be used with all cameras and lenses. The Long Lens Support System (RRP AU$1150) eliminates camera shake when shooting with any combination of camera and long lens attached via the lens L-bracket, and is ready for use on a tripod or monopod.These three kits can themselves be combined with each other or extended and repurposed by adding individual additional SYMPLA components such as shoulder pads, rods, horizontal and vertical offsets.

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