Adobe has announced a new version of Lightroom, known as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, which will be a cloud-based service focused on image sharing.

Adobe has split Lightroom into two versions: Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom CC will be primarily cloud-based with a focus upon editing, organising, storing and sharing photos from any connected device. It has a new streamlined interface that is more in line with Lightroom for Mobile as well as new searching tools, including searchable keywords, which  can be engaged through  Adobe Sensei implementation. Users will be able to edit images at full resolution on their mobile devices and edits will be automatically synchronised across all connected devices. Files ““ including raw files ““ can be automatically backed up to cloud storage, with a variety of options available.

Lightroom CC is also designed for easy sharing of images. Images can be posted directly to social media or uploaded to custom web galleries. Users of Adobe Portfolio will benefit from a new native integration between Portfolio and Lightroom CC.

Lightroom Classic CC is an updated version   of the original Lightroom CC, which features an enhanced Embedded Preview workflow that provides more efficient ways to search through large collections of images. It also includes new editing capabilities, including new Colour Range and Luminance masking functionalities. The focus of this version is on a desktop workflow with local storage and file and folder control.

Lightroom CC is available across a number of photography plans, starting at AU$14.29 per month. For details, visit