Lensbaby has unveiled a new module for its Composer Pro II lens housing with the Edge 35 Optic, which creates a side-to-side, slice of focus effect.

The new Edge 35 Optic, shown on the tilting Composer Pro II lens housing. (Source: Lensbaby.)

Scheduled for release in early April, the new Edge 35 Optic has a 35mm focal length and f/3.5 aperture. Part of Lensbaby’s Optic Swap System, it must be used with a Composer Pro or Composer Pro II lens housing. The slice of focus effect can be applied in any direction. Tilting the lens up or down results in a horizontal slice of focus; left or right a vertical slice; diagonally for an angled slice. After setting the tilt, rotating the focus ring moves that slice of focus through the image, from one side of the frame to the other.

An example of the slice of focus effect that can be produced with the new Edge 35 Optic. (Source: Lensbaby, © Polina Plotnikova.)

The Edge 35 Optic is listed at US$250 on Lensbaby’s website as a stand-alone product for owners of Composer Pro or Composer Pro II lens housings. It can also be purchased with a  Composer Pro II housing for US$450. The local distributor for Lensbaby is CR Kennedy & Company. Click here for more information on the Edge 35 Optic.