The new Leica Summaron-M 28 mm f/5.6 expands Leica’s rangefinder system lens portfolio with a modern renaissance of a classic lens.


The new Leica Summaron-M 28 mm f/5.6 lens. (Source: Leica Camera.)
First introduced as a screw mount lens in 1955, the predecessor of this new lens is still one of the most compact wide-angle lenses in the Leica M-System and is famed for its characteristic signature. The new Summaron-M 28 mm f/5.6 brings the unique, analogue look it lends to pictures into the age of digital photography but features the same optical design and mechanical construction as the original lens.

The outward appearance of the new lens has been harmonised with the contemporary looks of the current portfolio of Leica M-Lenses. It sports the Leica M bayonet mount with 6-bit coding, the same focusing lock button and aperture ring and the style of the knurling on the barrel and rings is consistent with the original lens. The new lens is machined from solid brass and finished in an elaborate manufacturing process in Leica’s German factory.

Customers wishing to purchase a Summaron-M 28 mm f/5.6 lens must pre-order. Deliveries will follow according to the sequence in which orders are received. Due to the strong demand, long delivery times must be taken into account, especially in the first few months. The local RRP is AU$3,150.

Leica has also announced that the popular Leica Q camera will be available with a titanium-gray paint finish of its top deck, the back of the camera and its baseplate. The engravings of the distance scale and the focal length numbers on the lens are picked out in red, and the camera is supplied with a colour-coordinated carrying strap made from a robust material used for climbing ropes.  The Leica Q Titanium gray paint finish will be available from mid-November 2016 at an RRP of AU$6,600.