Leica Camera AG has further expanded its lens portfolio with the Thambar-M 1:2,2/90, the modern renaissance of another classic lens.



The re-born Leica Thambar-M 1:2,2/90 lens. (Source: Leica Camera.)

The new version of the classic 1935 design is distinguished by its characteristic soft-focus effect and characteristic bokeh. The 90mm focal length and wide maximum aperture makes it ideal for portraiture, where it can capture a ‘look’ that cannot be reproduced in digital post-processing. The optical design of the new version is almost the same as the original lens. The only difference is that the four elements in three groups that make up the design have now been single-coated to protect the glass against environmental influences and surface corrosion. The 20 blades of the iris diaphragm deliver a bokeh with perfectly circular point light sources.

The soft look of the Thambar is the result of intentional under-correction of spherical aberration, which increases towards the edges of the field of view.  Both the depth of focus and degree of softening can be precisely controlled by the stepless aperture setting. The effect is most apparent at wide apertures.

The new lens adheres to the design of the original lens, with the same black paint finish and aperture engravings in red and white.  Slight modifications have been made to bring the lens into line with modern M-Lenses, among them knurling, lettering and scales and the use of sharp edges and bevelling. Like all Leica lenses, the Thambar-M 1:2,2/90 is  manufactured in strict compliance with the most stringent quality criteria. The design of the rigid lens keeper in ‘Vintage Brown’ leather is identical to that of the original from 80 years ago in almost every respect and, as in the past, the centre-spot filter can be safely and conveniently stowed away in its lid.

No information has been provided on local availability or pricing. However, the US price has been quoted at US$6495 and the release date is in mid-November. For more information, including detailed specifications, visit https://au.leica-camera.com/.