Leica Camera AG has released a new line of ball heads that are compatible with all Leica cameras and tripods.


The new Leica 18 ball head shown in both sizes with the silver finish. (Source: Leica.)

Offered with a black or silver finish, the new Leica 18 ball heads come in two sizes and feature a compact and nostalgic retro design. They can hold the camera securely and steadily in all photographic situations while enabling photographers to change the camera position and shooting from various different angles. All Leica cameras, from the compact models to the X, T and M product families are supported and the heads can be used with the  existing range of Leica tripods ““ the table top tripod and the carbon travel tripod.

The Leica 18 ball head is priced at AU$320.00 (RRP) and will be available as of August 2014 from authorised Leica dealers and boutiques.