LaserSoft has issued SilverFast 8.5, an update to its SilverFast 8 software with improvements to frame detection and pre-scanning plus a user-adjustable interface.

SilverFast 8.5 is available as a stand-alone product or integrated into SilverFast Archive Suite 8, which includes image processing software. The update introduces the IFF+Engine (Intelligent Frame Finding), which intelligently searches the flatbed or film holder for photos, slides and filmstrips. All image frames can be located precisely and the frame outset option ensures no images are cropped during scanning. Also new is the High Resolution Prescan, which includes an evaluation tool that provides a larger preview, enabling users to zoom up to 8x times into the prescan without having to wait for another preview scan.The SilverFast user interface can be customised to suit personal preferences and the positioning of tool dialogs can be saved and loaded in the preferences menu. Users can create and save multiple user interface presets for different digitisation workflows.

Existing users of SilverFast 8 can download the 8.5 Version Update free of charge. The update can be installed directly from within the SilverFast software. Additional information can be found at