FILM Ferrania has taken roughly two weeks to raise funds through KickStarter pledges for rebuilding an analogue film factory in northern Italy.


The organisation was seeking US$250,000 to embark upon ‘an ambitious new factory design’ that would produce enough finished still photo and motion picture film to meet global demands.

As of today (14 October), US$259,475 had been pledged with 15 days remaining in the subscription period.

The company has already set up a miniature film production line in the former Ferrania Research & Development    building, having refurbished and re-engineered this building with modern facilities.

Significant amounts of formerly-used equipment has been salvaged and restored to contribute to the new production lines.

The first film to be produced is a re-engineered version of  ScotchChrome  – a 100 ISO, daylight-balanced Colour Reversal (chrome or slide) film, developed by the Imation company in the late-1990s and produced by Ferrania until 2003.  

It will be packaged in four formats: 35mm/36 exposure and 120 medium format films for still photography and Super8/15m cartridges and 16mm/30m spools for movies.

Details of the venture can be found at