Kayell has added Drobo, the first fully automated storage robot, to its product portfolio.


January 11, 2008: Kayell has added Drobo, the first fully automated storage robot, to its product portfolio.
Featuring new automation technology from Data Robotics, Drobo provides an effective and easily-manageable storage solution. Just plug it in, feed it with drives and use it just like you would any external hard drive. Drobo is self-protecting, infinitely expandable, and requires no complex configuration or management. It is designed to anticipate much of what can go wrong with digital storage and automatically monitors and repairs problems that put data at risk.
Drobo’s robotic storage technology is based on storage virtualisation principles combined with the ideals of cybernetics. This combination provides a best-in-class user experience for mass-storage devices, especially in terms of initial set-up, autonomous data protection and future capacity expansion. Drobo is Windows and Macintosh compatible and will work with PCs or servers. It connects to a computer via USB 2.0 cable and uses AC power. No applications software is required.
Indicator lights are provided for monitoring drive status. When lights are green, your data is safe. When lights are yellow, the Drobo is 85% full, so just add or replace a drive. With red lights, replace or add a drive immediately. Drobo automatically configures itself for data protection. There is no need to set RAID levels or manually shuffle data between multiple external hard drives. When starting with more than one drive, if a drive fails, your data is safe and Drobo immediately moves unprotected data to any available protected space on remaining disks.
The Drobo storage robot is priced at $899 (RRP). It will be available by the end of January. For more information, phone Robert Gatto on (02) 9439 9377 or visit www.kayell.com.au.