Kayell has announced an evening workshop on colour management for photographers, to be run in Brisbane on 30 July by Dr Les Walkling.

Designed to accommodate up to 60 participants this workshop will run from 6:00 to 9:30 p.m. at Warehouse Studios,  2 / 98 Wecker Road, Mansfield, QLD 4122. The course fee is AU$75. Topics covered in the workshop will include:

Working with Colour

.                     What is the most appropriate working colour space(s)

.                     What is the relationship between an image and its colour space?

.                     What happens to out-of-gamut colours?

.                     What are rendering intents and how are they used?

Calibrating and Profiling Monitors

.                     What is the difference between software and hardware calibration?

.                     Which white point and gamma curve should be used?

.                     What brightness and contrast ratio should be used?

.                     How to accurately ISO3664 calibrate a monitor for image editing?

.                     Soft Proofing – how to ISO12646 calibrate a monitor for printing?

.                     How and when to use the Eizo ColorNavigator advanced controls?

Profiling and Evaluating Digital Printers & Papers

.                     How to compare and evaluate ‘canned’ vs custom printer profiles?

.                     Evaluating and compensating for Optical Brightening Agents?

.                     What light sources are best for print viewing and soft proofing?

.                     How to properly set up an editing and print display area?

.                     Should I print on Cotton Rag or RC Inkjet Papers

Testing and Evaluating Input and Output Profiles

.                     How can a profile’s grey balance and colour accuracy be assessed?

.                     What does ‘colour management by numbers’ really mean?

.                     How to evaluate a colour managed workflow with ColourThink software?

.                     Advanced Soft Proofing – how to accurately match a monitor to a print?

Prior bookings are essential and can be made at http://www.eventzilla.net/web/event?eventid=2139063373.