Jackson Eaton’s Melfies 2 explores the irony of social media networks, where an explosion of “selfies” that attempt self expression, instead reveal the opposite.


The show was originally exhibited on Instagram, a platform which Eaton describes as making instantly apparent “the failure to express individuality in social media”.

Melfies 2 is the second series of Eaton’s ‘mirror-selfies’. In the first series he handed his camera over to other people to take his photo, then sold them via his website, printed on low-cost t-shirts.

For Melfies 2 Eaton took his own photo anywhere he could find a mirror, then he digitally dissected his body in Photoshop and reverse-image searched the parts in Google. He pieced together a selection of wierd and wonderful search results, creating the fragmented bodies.

Currently undertaking a Masters of Fine Art at Monash University, Eaton’s recent project Better Half was featured in Primavera 2013 at the MCA. It was collected by the AGWA and is published by Pearce Press. In 2013, he won the Iris Award for portrait photography.

Jackson Eaton – Melfies 2
2 September to 3 October 2015
Stills Gallery
36 Gosbell Street, Paddington NSW Australia