Plum Amazing Software has announced version 3.5 of iWatermark Pro for Android, making it only watermarking tool available for all 4 platforms, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac and Windows.


The visible and invisible watermarking options in iWatermark Pro for Android. (Source: Plum Amazing Software.)  

The new version offers a range of visible and invisible watermarks using Text, Graphic, Vector, Text On Arc, QR Code, Signature, Metadata and Steganographics (embedding information like your email or URL into the picture data)   for protecting images against unauthorised usage. It also makes it easy to verify the ownership of image and video files. iWatermark+ provides the following features:

* Application of multiple watermarks to photo(s) or video(s).
*  Watermark one or multiple photos in batch mode.
*  The ability to create, archive and apply 7 types of watermarks, far more than any other watermarking app. The 7 total watermarks = 5 visible + 2 invisible listed below.
* Works standalone or in conjunction with Lightroom, Photoshop, Apple Photos, Google Photos and other photo organizers
* Batch or sequential processing.
* Relative or absolute scaling of watermarks. Essential when batch processing different resolution and orientation photos.
* Design, edit and manage a library of watermarks.
* Tags are metadata (GPS, Exif, XMP, numbering, date/time) that can be added to text watermarks.
* Preview easily
* Input/Output from/to all major file types JPEG, TIFF, PNG, RAW, etc.
* Create text, graphic, or QR watermarks.
* Adjust opacity, font, color, border, scale, rotation, shadow, special effects, etc.
* 292 fonts for text watermarks.
* Engrave and emboss text.
* Signature scanner to instantly import your signature or other graphic as a watermark.
*  Live preview and editing of font, colour, scale, opacity, size, position and angle.
* View metadata & EXIF in photos.
* Fast 32/64 bit multi-threaded app that can use CPU/GPUs .
* Only iWatermark+ has a steganographic watermark that embeds/encrypts info invisibly in the photo.
* Comprehensive manual and support.
* Share easily to Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and many more.
* Watermark manager which can track hundreds of watermarks. The manager also allows locking/unlocking, renaming, deleting, previewing of watermarks.
* Continually updated and improved.

The application is available in two versions via the following links:
iWatermark+ Free for Android (adds ‘Created with iWatermark+’ on photos) Download Link  

iWatermark+ Paid for Android (full version, no ads, no in-app purchases) Download Link