The camera pouch is just so ho-hum.


June 10, 2009: The camera pouch is just so ho-hum.

Cameras are now elegantly draped in wraps.

Lowepro’s latest is the D-Wrap (pictured right) which includes a plate threaded onto the tripod port of a digital compact and wraps around it. Not unlike butchers’ paper, but way more fashionable. RRP is $15.95


The Lowepro Hipshot(pictured left) is more a sock than a wrap or shawl. It comes in cherry/black, royal blue/black and black/black, in three sizes to cover a range of cameras, mobiles and other gadgets. Made once again of neoprene (the fabric of choice for all the best cameras this season) it is closed via a drawstring and has one of those spring clip arrangements (fancy name: “carabiner”) to fasten to a belt, backpack, etc.

Finally, “it has a fast-grip base for speedy access – simply use one hand to push the device up towards the opening,” according to the press release. RRPs from $17.95 to just under $20.