A new cable and software based SLR camera control that lets users control shutter release settings from an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is due for release in March.

Developed by enlight photo, ioShutter is easy to use and driven from the screen of the portable device. The 90 cm cable connects the device’s headphone jack to the camera’s remote control socket. It’s compatible with  Canon, Pentax and Hasselblad models with a 2.5mm remote port with support for Canon cameras with an N3 socket and Nikon 10-pin support in development.
The supplied software app comes in two versions: Lite and Pro, the latter encomassing a wider range of settings. The Lite version includes a 20 second and 60 second Timer plus a Bulb mode with slow shutter speeds of 60, 90 and 120 seconds and a Timelapse mode with three options for creating timelapse movies. The Pro version is fulyl programmable and includes a fully-customisable Bulb mode plus the ability to set exposure times and time lapse intervals and durations to any time you like.
Users can also select from several ways to trigger the camera’s shutter, including clapping, shouting, shaking or banging on things. You can also take advantage of multi-function settings. Almost every function can work with the others. Full details are available at http://www.ioshutter.com/.