The Impossible Group has announced the launch of its B&W 600 Generation 2.0 films for use with Polaroid 600 and Impossible instant cameras.

The latest self-developing films feature the first entirely new B&W formulation developed under the supervision of Polaroid’s former Chief Technical Officer, Stephen Herchen. They are faster, sharper and with better tonality than previously-available products and will initially be offered only for classic Polaroid 600 instant cameras and Impossible’s new Instant Lab Universal, which transforms images on iOS and Android smart phones and tablet into instant photo prints. Versions of the B&W Generation 2.0 formula for Polaroid-format SX-70 and Image-Spectra cameras, and for large format 8 x 10 cameras, will be available worldwide in May.  The film will be available from Impossible’s own online shop at as well as its global network of partner stores and other retailers.