As part of the 2019 Head On Photo Festival, storage solutions provider, Synology will host a ‘Protecting your assets’ Conversation on Sunday, 5 May at 12 p.m.

The event will be held at the Social Club, Imperial Hotel in the inner-Sydney suburb of Paddington. Ian McDonald from Simpsons Solicitors, one of Australia’s leading copyright lawyers, will present a one-hour Conversation on Protecting Your Work; Digital Filming & Archiving, Copyright and Moral Rights,  aiming to answer the following questions:
– Has the way we store our photos changed with Artificial intelligence software?
– Does using a NAS give you the safety you need?
– How do you work with cloud-based services?
– What do the proposed changes to Australian copyright law really mean?
– In today’s social media world, do moral rights have a larger role to play?
Anthony McKee, a professional photographer who specialises in documentary photography, will also deliver a talk about how he backs up and stores his digital assets. This talk will cover:
– Why do photographers need a NAS?
– Protect your photography: storing and backup.
– Smart workflow management with Synology NAS

The event is free of charge but prior bookings are essential. Click here to register for the event.