Hasselblad has announced the coming release of its widest lens so far for the X1D mirrorless camera, the XCD 21mm f/4.


The new Hasselblad XCD 21mm f/4 lens. (Source: Hasselblad.)

The release of this lens will bring the number of lenses for the X1D medium-format mirrorless camera to five, with the line expected to expand to nine before the end of 2018. Its relatively short focal length covers an angle of view equivalent  to a 17mm lens on a 35mm camera, making it ideal for landscape and architectural photography. The optical design utilises 13 elements in nine groups and includes two aspherical elements. It can focus to within 32 cm of the subject to deliver a 1:10 magnification ratio.  

Like the other XCD lenses, the XCD 21mm lens has an integral central shutter offering a wide range of shutter speeds between 60 minutes and 1/2000 of a second, with flash synchronisation to the top of that range. Aperture settings range from f/4 to f/32. According to Hasselblad, the automatic Lens Correction Tool in Phocus software will generate images from the XCD 21mm f/4 that are completely free from any distortion, rendering all lines perfectly straight. The lens is available for pre-order from C.R. Kennedy at https://crkphotoimaging.com.au/products/CPHB.00000255.01. It is due to ship at the end of May and will be priced at AU$5799.