Google has decided to close the Picasa service that has allowed users to organise, edit, and share their photos for almost 15 years.

Starting on 15 March, Google is withdrawing support for the Picasa desktop application and retiring some developers’ functions for the Picasa API. The final changes to the service will begin rolling out on May 1, 2016.

The company has announced the creation of ‘one service that provides more functionality and works across mobile and desktop, rather than divide our efforts across two different products’. Anyone with photos or videos in a Picasa Web Album today will be able to access, modify and share most of that content by logging in to  Google Photos, where they will find all their images and video clips. For those who don’t want to use Google Photos or who still want to be able to view specific content, such as tags, captions or comments,  Google is creating a new place to access Picasa Web Albums data. Full details can be found at