Following a prior announcement last month, Fujifilm has released firmware updates for its X-T3 and X-H1 cameras plus the 80mm f/2.8 macro lens.

The Fujifilm X-T3 camera. (Source: Fujifilm.)

Firmware version 2.0 for the X-T3 addresses several issues and adds support for 4K HDR video recording in the Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) when shooting with H.265 (HEVC) compression in the10-bit mode. It also allows users to record in F-Log while checking the Film Simulation image on an external monitor under specified conditions. Other additions include the ability to display Kelvin temperature on the camera’s EVF and LCD screens in Kelvin and support for slower shutter speeds with 4K 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p. Compatibility with ALL-Intra and maximum bit-rate 400 Mbps in 8-bit, H.264 mode has been added and a power icon will now be displayed while using an external power source.

Click here to access the download page.

Firmware version 2.0 for the X-H1 provides improvements to image stabilisation, among them enabling  in-body stabilisation to now work better with optically stabilised lenses, achieving up to 5.5 stops of  5 axis shake correction. The new firmware also enables the X-H1 to record video files larger than 4GB without splitting them file provided a 64GB or largger  SD card is used. The ability to display Kelvin temperature and a power icon on the EVF and LCD screens is also added and some minor defects have been corrected. Click here to open the download page.

Firmware version 1.11 for the 80mm f/2.8 macro lens improves cooperative control between the optical stabilisation in the lens and the in-body stabilisation of the X-H1 camera. To benefit from this improvement, the X-H1 must be running with firmware version 2.00. The update is available here.