Late this month, Fujifilm will introduce a new X-Pro2 Graphite Edition body and a Graphite Silver Edition body for the X-T2, its flagship mirrorless cameras.


The new  Graphite Edition of the X-Pro2, shown with the matching Fujinon XF23mm f/2 R WR lens. (Source: Fujifilm.)

The X-Pro2 is popular among professional documentary and street photographers and features 24.3 million pixel X-Trans CMOS III sensor and a weather-sealed body. Its hybrid multi viewfinder includes an electronic rangefinder and the camera is capable of up to 8fps continuous shooting and offers electronic shutter speeds up to 1/32,000 of a second. The new Graphite Edition is created through a multilayer coating process. This model also comes with a compact and lightweight Fujinon XF23mm f/2 R WR interchangeable lens and LH-XF35-2 lens hood in the same graphite colour. It will be priced at AU$3699.


 Front view of the new X-T2 Graphite Silver Edition camera with no lens fitted. (Source: Fujifilm.)
 Building on the popularity of the   graphite silver X-T1, the X-T2 Graphite Silver Edition is treated with a multilayer coating that is triple baked to produce an elegant finish. The first layer is a matte black undercoat, while the second layer uses Thin-film Multilayer Coating Technology to apply graphite silver for a smooth finish with a luxurious shine. The third layer is a clear varnish for a glossy finish. To complement the X-T2 Graphite Silver Edition, tailor-made accessories supplied with the camera include a premium leather strap, aluminium hot shoe cover and matching EF-X8 hot shoe mount flash. The RRP for this model is AU$2799.

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