Two of Australia’s leading workshop presenters, Daniel Linnet (Sydney) and Glynn Lavender (Melbourne), will be conducting lighting master classes in their respective cities next month.

Each class will begin with an introduction from Malcolm Whittle, Owner and CEO of Elinchrom, a leading manufacturer of studio lighting equipment. The classes will introduce participants to many of Elinchrom’s light modifiers, including softboxes and grids. Participants will learn how lighting can be used to change the appearance of subjects in Portrait, Fashion and Beauty lighting setups. All shoots will be tethered to a large projection screen so each participant gets a good look at what is being done.

The Sydney Master Class will take place on 10 July at the North Ryde RSL at 100 Pittwater Road, North Ryde. Registration begins at 6:00 pm   for a 6.30 start.


The Melbourne Master Class will be held on 17 July in The Eades Room at the Dallas Brooks Centre, 300 Albert Street, East Melbourne. The session begins at 6:00 pm.
Both events are organised by Kayell Australia.   Registration is essential at