Nikon has released a comprehensive firmware update for its super-zoom digicam, the Coolpix A1000.

Changes applied via the new firmware include fixes for the following issues:
– Tapping particular areas of the display when attempting to select certain items in the Fn menu would cause the camera to stop responding.

– Tapping to the right of 6400 when attempting to select a value for ISO sensitivity in the Fn menu would result in the camera exiting to a menu one level higher.

– Photographs taken under certain lighting with Auto (normal) or Auto (warm lighting) selected for White balance would have a bluish cast.

– In Continuous H, Continuous M, and Continuous L release modes, frame advance rates would slow as shutter speeds became faster.

– The camera would sometimes stop responding during burst photography when RAW was selected for Image quality.

– The camera would sometimes stop responding during playback of photographs taken during burst photography with RAW selected for Image quality.

– Audio for movies filmed under certain conditions would sometimes break up.

– Location data downloaded via SnapBridge would sometimes not be recorded with pictures.

Click here to access the download page, where you can select the Windows or Mac OS version to download.