Olympus has announced firmware updates that will be available in June for its flagship Olympus OM-D E-M1 and E-M5 Mark II cameras, adding advanced features aimed at underwater and astro-photography photographers.


Main features of the update are:

1. A new unified Underwater Picture Mode for enhanced user control over exposure in P/A/S/M exposure settings (OM-D E-M1 [above] v3.1 & E-M5 Mark II [below]v1.2).

2. Enhanced visibility through EVF and LCD screen for night sky or starscape photography with new LV Boost II setting (E-M1 v3.1 only; E-M5 Mark II already has this function)

The new Underwater Picture Mode enables more control over key camera settings for underwater photography. The separate wide and macro underwater (UW) picture modes of earlier firmware versions are replaced by a single ‘unified’ picture mode. In addition to white balance, exposure, and flash compensation you can now adjust aperture and shutter speed in the P/A/S/M exposure settings for enhanced control of imaging results.

The higher visibility Live View setting, “LV Boost II”, will improve visibility through the Electronic Viewfinder or LCD screen for night sky or starscape photography. This setting can be applied to the Live Composite or the manual exposure modes.