Nikon has released Firmware Version 1.30 for its D850 interchangeable-lens DSLR camera, which is more than five years old, confirming its on-going support for the camera.

The new firmware adds the Portrait impression balance function to the photo and movie shooting menus to enable users to fine-tune hue and brightness for portrait photos. Three memory settings, [Mode 1], [Mode 2] and [Mode 3] and provided to allow users to save selected adjustments for application to future portrait shots. The change to the firmware is most relevant to photographers who shoot JPEGs. Viewing NEF (RAW) pictures taken using firmware version 1.30 or later on a computer, requires users to update NX Studio to version 1.3.1 or later and Picture Control Utility 2 to version 2.4.14 or later.

Firmware Version 1.30 also fixes an issue that resulted in attempts to initiate [Lock mirror up for cleaning] in the [SETUP MENU] causing the camera to display the message “Disable [Network connection] in the Bluetooth menu” and lock the mirror in the down position, preventing it being raised for cleaning, when [Enable] was selected for either of the following [SETUP MENU] items:

  • – [Bluetooth] > [Network connection]
  • – [Airplane mode]

The new firmware is available to download here.