Fujifilm has issued firmware updates for two cropped-sensor cameras, the X-T4 and the X100V and three of its medium format cameras, the GFX100, GFX100S and GFX50S II.

The Fujifilm X-T4, one of five cameras to gain recent firmware updates. (Source: Fujifilm.)

In each case the new firmware provides fixes for two issues that affect all five cameras. The first addresses an issue where the Bluetooth paired device was not registered, or the camera was not turned on after paired device had been registered and the other to correct situations where the camera froze while the eye sensor was working. Click here to access the downloads page for the X-T4 and here for the download page for the X100V.

In addition, firmware Ver. 4.11 for the GFX00 and Ver  1.21 for the GFX100S adds a fix for a problem associated with the flash not performing correctly with long exposures and another associated with USB battery recharging. Click here to download the new firmware for the GFX100 and here for the GFX100S. Firmware Ver. 1.02 for the GFX50S II adds a correction for an issue where thje output image acquired a magenta cast with long exposures using the electronic shutter. Click here for the download page for this camera