Panasonic will release a significant firmware update for its Lumix S5II and S5IIX cameras on 24 April, improving shooting capabilities and sharing functionality for images and videos.

The new firmware provides the following enhancements:

  • Compatibility with Camera to Cloud is now supported, enabling images and videos to be automatically uploaded, backed up, shared, and worked on jointly via the cloud. Recorded content is sent to the platform through an internet connection via Wi-Fi or USB tethering, enabling seamless sharing of captured photos (JPEG/RAW) and Proxy videos. This empowers creators to receive remote real-time feedback during capture and enables collaborative editing among production teams using their preferred creative software. Camera to Cloud streamlines the workflow from shooting to editing, enhancing overall efficiency in the creative process.
  • Proxy Video Recording has been added, enabling the camera to record a low bit-rate proxy file when recording video. Simultaneously recording a proxy file that is linked with the original video recording enabling a faster delivery from production to post.
  • The improved real-time auto-focus system enhances the highly accurate Phase Hybrid auto focus of the S5II and S5IIX, efficiently recognising people amongst multiple subjects. It also features an animal eye recognition function, to focus on and follow animal eyes, as well as a car and motorcycle recognition function, which is ideally suited for shooting motorsports.
  • In addition to Standard, High mode is newly added to E-Stabilisation (Video) function, which electronically corrects large shakes when shooting on the move. A perspective distortion correction has also been added to correct distortion that tends to occur during video shooting when using a wide-angle lens. Combined with Active I.S. Technology, it is now possible to achieve even more stable footage when shooting on the move.
  • The newly introduced SH pre-burst shooting function records bursts before shooting begins. When set to the SH PRE mode, the camera begins burst shooting from the moment the user half presses the shutter button, allowing retroactive burst shooting up to the moment the shutter button is pressed down fully.

S5II Firmware V3.0 and S5IIX Firmware V2.0 will be available to download free of charge from the LUMIX Global Customer Support website from 24 April, 2024.