Leica Camera has issued firmware update 2.0 for its Q2 premium fixed-lesn camera, providing 14 function optimisations.

The following performance improvements are provided in the new firmware:
1. Users are now able to choose between three AF field sizes (small, medium, large) by a long tap on the camera display while touch AF is activated.
2. The DNG and DNG+JPEG writing speed has been doubled.
3. Users will be able to delete individual/single user profiles.
4. Touch AF + Release is now implemented and works in all AF modes.
5. Users can access a complete overview of the preferred settings by touch. The video mode can also be deactivated or activated via the status screen.
6. Extended opportunities are provided for capturing video files, including the ability to switch between PASM via the aperture and shutter speed dial.
7. The auto-ISO behavior was changed and the priority is now set to “correct exposure”.
8. In MF mode the preselected AF frame will appear and can be used to start the magnification. The frame can also be moved by using the cursor keys. In AF-Multi: the magnification will start from the centre and the last position is saved until the camera is switched off.
9. If face detection is not successful, the AF-Mode now switches to AF field instead of AF multi field.
10. Downloading photos from the Leica Q2 to Leica FOTOS is now up to 50% faster.

(The Leica Q2 needs to be paired again with Leica FOTOS after this firmware update)
11. A Variable EVF frame rate menu was added, enabling users to choose between 60fps or 120 fps. For fast moving subjects set 120 fps for a more fluid display of movement (with lower resolution) or choose 60 fps for full resolution.
12. The AF and AE lock function allows you to lock your focus or exposure settings separately as you recompose your shot.
13. Precision and overall performance of Tracking AF is improved.
14. Touch functionality during EVF mode is now available.

Click here to visit the download page and access the new firmware.

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