A new software update adds Frame.io integration to the popular, portable back-up device enabling upload functionality for cloud-based collaborative editing.

The 2.6.0 software release contains a number of other updates that are designed to improve the workflows of professional photographers and videographers, including:

  • Increased transfer speeds via USB-C, enhancing backup performance for cinema cameras by up to 5x
  • Scaling pinch and zoom for photos
  • A brand new cloud upload manager experience that improves the delivery system for sending files to Dropbox and Frame.io
  • xxHash64 checksum verification option, for faster speeds than MD5

● MHL Logs in backup settings for production asset management

New apps for iOS and Android that connect to the device over Wi-Fi allow teams to review shots before moving locations, create folder structures, and even transcode proxies for faster upload. Contact local distributor, Blonde Robot, for more information.

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