Fujifilm has released relatively minor updates for its recently-released X100V premium compact camera as well as the entry-level X-A7 interchangeable-lens camera.

The new firmware, Ver.1.10, for the X100V addresses the issue of a tendency to overheat when the camera is used for continuous video shooting by adding a new ‘Auto Power Off Temp setting to the Power Management selections.

According to the instructions, when the firmware is upgraded from ver.1.00, ‘HIGH’ mode in the Power Management’ menu is selected by default. The ‘Auto Power Off ‘setting automatically turns off the camera if overheating is detected.

Fujifilm recommends use of the ‘STANDARD’ mode when the X100V is used for hand-held continuous shooting (such when recording video). This setting reduces the default continuous shooting time but users have the option to select the ‘HIGH’ mode when longer recording times are required.

The shooting menu in the movie mode will be changed to the ‘FHD 16:9’. Click here to download the new firmware.

Firmware version 1.20 for the X-A7 includes a minor bug fix and addition of compatibility of the camera with the instax mini Link Bluetooth connection.

The A7 update is available to download here.

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