New firmware has been released for these two mirrorless cameras providing a variety of performance improvements.

Firmware Version 4.00 for the Fujifilm X-T3 provides extensive improvements to autofocusing performance. The update will improve the autofocusing performance of the X-T3 to the same level as the X-T4 camera.
1) The fastest AF speed has been improved from 0.06 seconds to 0.02 seconds, equivalent to the performance of the X-T4.
2) The algorithm for predicting subject movements has been updated.
3) AF tracking performance has been doubled*. Press the shutter button halfway down when a subject is in the focus area to maintain focus on the subject with a higher level of accuracy.
4) The Face Tracking / Eye AF performance has been upgraded. The algorithm has been re-written to double the tracking performance of the Eye AF in continuous shooting modes.
5) The update allows the camera AF to work in low light levels down to -7EV, facilitating fast and highly-accurate phase detection AF even in near darkness.
6) The new firmware adds the “Focus Limiter” function which gives a pre-defined specific focus range.

In other improvements, the size of the Single AF point can be adjusted during video recording. Photo ratings can be read by third-party software, allowing users to find their favorite pictures quickly. The focus point can be changed by the focus lever during AE lock. The default setting of the AF-S PRIORITY SELECTION in the RELEASE/FOCUS PRIORITY of the SHOOTING menu is changed to FOCUS from RELEASE. Click here to download the new firmware.

Firmware Version 1.02 for the Nikon Z5 camera adds support for the Nikkor  Z 50mm f/1.2 S lens and fixes an issue that resulted in certain aperture values not being selected when control rings for four Z-mount lenses were rotated to stop aperture down in movie mode. It also addresses an issue that prevented the TTL flash compensation value selected with the camera being reflected by the flash units, resulting in flash compensation not being applied, when: two or more flash units were controlled via radio AWL, and all flash units were in the same group. Click here to visit the page in the Nikon Download Centre and download the new firmware.

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