Fujifilm has released firmware updates for two radically different cameras, the medium-format GFX100 and the just-announced, entry-level X-A7.

Firmware version 1.02 for the GFX100 camera provides three bug main fixes:

1.OFF setting is added to the switching function by pressing the DISP/BACK button of information display on the EVF.

2.The phenomenon is fixed that in the interval shooting, exposure mode (P/A/S/M) changes after the first frame.

3.The phenomenon is fixed that with the shooting conditions below, RAW images developed by application software become black.

・ISO: 100 or less

・Shutter speed: 50 min. or longer

・Noise reduction: OFF

It also fixes other slight defects.

Click here to access the free download.

Firmware version 1.01 for the X-A7 camera fixes a single issue in which the exposure compensation is not reflected to the brightness of the LCD while a face is detected. It is available for downloading here.

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