Ricoh Imaging Company has issued a firmware update for its GR III camera, which was released just over a year ago.

Firmware version 1.30 for the GR III introduces several new features and improves the performance of a couple of key functions. The changes applied in the new firmware are as follows:

  • Cross Processing has been added to the Image Control sub-menu in the Still Image settings for still images and movies;
    Crop and Touch AF can now be registered to the ADJ Mode setting in the Customise Control sub-menu;
    Touch AF can also be registered to the Fn Button setting;
    Autofocusing performance has been improved in the Macro Mode for dark places and low contrast subjects:
    When developing with the JPEG Recorded Pixels setting in RAW development, the function is changed to take over as the initial value the next time the function is used;
    Overall stability has been improved for better general performance.

Click here to access the page for downloading and installing the new firmware.

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