Nikon has released Firmware Update v.5.0 for its Z9 mirrorless camera, providing powerful new features and improved creative control plus faster, more efficient workflows.

The new firmware adds the following functions:

  • Separation and extension of the photo and video shooting menus.
  • Improved operation with [Recall shooting functions (hold)].
  • Customising display of retouch menu’s options.
  • Improved display of ATOMOS UltraSync BLUE timecode.
  • Auto Capture now allows you to use the DX image crop and can be started at a specific time and date. A yellow frame is displayed on the live view screen in standby mode.
  • Airplanes have been added to AF subject-detection mode in Auto Capture and the detection range for distance has been increased.
  • Prefer Focus Point [Face Priority] is now an option for frame advance during playback with zoom active.
  • Manual focusing in Live View is supported at maximum aperture and users can exit zoom in Manual Focus by half-pressing the shutter release.
  • The Hi-Res Zoom now confirms focus by changing brackets from red to green.
  • Live View display can now zoom into 400%.
  • Pre-Release Capture now adds a C15 value and can be set to capture with different Image Quality settings.
  • High-Frequency Flicker Reduction now has preset values for some common LED lights and displays.
  • Additions include Rich Tone Portrait Picture Control, a Skin Softening function, Portrait Impression Balance and Auto Image Rotation for stills plus a new choice of how High ISO NR is applied (Type A / Type B).
  • Profoto A10 users can use the continuous LED on the camera’s front for AF-assist illumination.
  • Improved FTP uploads and connection settings plus improved series playback for stills with additional settings and improved video playback.
  • Expanded custom control functions.
  • Bluetooth connection between ATOMOS UltraSync BLUE and the MC-N10 Remote Grip.
  • Face priority focus point option during playback.

Click here for full details of the latest Z9 firmware and here to visit the Nikon Download Centre page containing the new firmware.