Leica Camera has issued firmware version 2.0 for its SL2 camera, which adds a number of functionality improvements and includes several bug fixes.

The principal improvement provided in the new firmware is a new multi-shot mode that can create photos with a resolution up to 187 megapixels by combining data for eight single frames. The sensor is shifted in a half-pixel step between each exposure. The new shooting mode is restricted to electronic shutter recording and the camera will save an additional frame at the normal 47-megapixel resolution.

Other improvements include adjustments to the video menu interface sub-menus, enabling users to adjust the size of the AF field by touch without shifting the main focus and automatic renaming of SD cards with the camera’s name after formatting.

Bug fixes include automatic detection of 6-bit coded M lenses with the M-Adapter L, removal of artefacts from the Continous – Very High Speed mode, correction of the focus distance value in feet on the top display and improvements to speed and stability when the camera is connected to a computer via Image Shuttle.

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