Fujifilm has issued new firmware for its X-S20 mirrorless camera, offering improved AF tracking performance through an updated motion prediction algorithm.

The firmware update Ver.1.11 from Ver.1.10 incorporates the following fixes:
(1)The motion prediction algorithm has been improved to enable stable tracking of subjects moving at high speed in the frame.
(2)The AF focusing speed has been improved when continuous shooting is started by simultaneously pressing the AF-ON button and the release button while the camera is out of focus. The AF starts to focus at a faster rate than before, even in situations where the situation changes moment by moment, such as in sports. This makes it difficult to miss a shutter release opportunity, even in situations such as sports where the situation changes from moment to moment.

In addition several bug fixes have been implemented. The first is a fix for a bug that made the EVF display different from the exposure for the recorded image when shooting an image with the zoom lens in Manual exposure mode and with the Zoom in position. The second addresses a bug that made the brightness of the subject darken momentarily when shooting a movie with shutter priority mode.

Click here for full details and to download the new firmware.