Fujifilm has released Firmware Version 3.00 for its GFX100 medium format camera, adding a new Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function plus other improvements.

Cameras to be updated will require Firmware Ver.2.01 to be installed before Version 3.00 is added. The new firmware incorporates the following enhancements:
1. Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function is added. In this mode, the camera takes a series of 16 RAW images and by using in-body image stabilisation (IBIS), moves the image sensor to get a high-resolution and real colour image. The multiple images are then combined to create a Digital Negative (DNG) RAW file using the FUJIFILM Pixel Shift Combiner software. Note that additional demosaicing is not required since the camera’s image processor can receive red, green and blue data for every pixel position.
2. Ratings to images recorded in the [JPEG + RAW] mode are applied to both JPEG and RAW files.
3. The phenomenon is fixed that in a multiple-flash shooting where the EF-X500 is used as a commander, flashes in some groups sometimes don’t fire correctly. Also in case the EF-X500 is used as a commander and the EF-60 as a remote flash, upgrade the camera firmware to the latest version.
4. Accuracy of the Eye AF function for the front eye is improved.
5. Fix of minor bugs.

Also available today is the new software application, the Pixel Shift Combiner, which combines the 16 RAW images created through Pixel Shift Multi-Shot into a single 400MP image. In addition to combining and outputting DNG RAW Files from images created through Pixel Shift Multi-Shot, Pixel Shift Combiner provides photographers with tethered capture functionality to allow for seamless transition from making images to combining, and subsequently, editing them in Capture One or any other compatible editing software.  These new functions are especially valuable when documenting historical artifacts or large works of art since they enable the GFX100 to used to precisely record these artifacts so that they may be shared with and passed down to future generations.

Click here to access the support page for the camera and download the new firmware.

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