Panasonic has issued firmware updates for 13 of its digital cameras, covering three G-series models and 10 fixed-lens cameras.

Firmware version 2.2 for the G7, G70 and GX8 interchangeable-lens cameras adds new capabilities to the function button, including the ability to assign wireless flash setup to it in record mode or either Wi-Fi or EVF/display switching in playback mode. A bug fix for the GX8 resolves an issue that could cause the camera to freeze in tracking AF mode. Version 2.2 of the firmware for the FZ300 and FZ330 ‘bridge’ cameras adds the same enhancements to the function button and improves stabilisation performance for movies shot in dim lighting.

The closely-related TZ101 and TZ110 (ZS100 and ZS110 in some areas) cameras receive firmware version 1.1, which enables users to change  the rotation direction for the dial that adjusts aperture and shutter speed manually. Finally, firmware version 1.1 for the TZ80, TZ81 and ZS60 cameras fixes a problem that could prevent USB charging and adds the low-light movie stabilisation improvements of the FZ cameras and dial control flexibility of the higher-featured TZ cameras.

The new firmware for each camera can be downloaded from Panasonic’s support pages at