Olympus Imaging will release firmware updates for its professional OM-D E-M1 and enthusiast E-M5 Mark II cameras in November 2015.

Firmware version 4.0 for the E-M1 will significantly transform the camera’s video-recording capabilities and improve macro shooting and ‘stealth’ capabilities. For video recording, 24p and 25p frame rates have been added to the camera’s existing Full HD video recording capability. The video stabilisation algorithm has been completely revised to deliver a much higher level of dynamic image stability in handheld operations.

Two powerful new focus stacking and focus bracketing modes will help to improve depth of field for close-up imaging. A new silent electronic shutter mode provides stealth shooting operation in environments where noise might be problematic, including for photographing wildlife and wedding ceremonies. The new firmware will also add the 4K time-lapse video recording and simulated optical viewfinder modes that were introduced in the OM-D E-M10 Mark II.  

Firmware version 2.0 for the E-M5 Mark II introduces a new flat picture mode that enables higher quality video colour grading during post-production. Linear PCM sound synchronisation with the Olympus LS-100 professional digital audio recorder (via USB) has also been added.   On-board video sound recording quality has been further improved with a new digital noise filter. In line with the camera firmware updates for both cameras, firmware for all Olympus M.Zuiko PRO and Premium series lenses will be updated at the same time.

Olympus’ Capture software, used to enable tethered imaging with both the E-M1 and E-M5 Mark II cameras, will also receive feature updates and performance enhancements in its new version, 1.1. It will provide faster data transfer speeds between camera and host computer in studio usage. For still life and product photography, a new keystone compensation feature enables digital perspective correction directly within the application. The popular quickset Super Control Panel interface from the camera’s on-board menu will also be available from within the Capture software interface to improve camera control and usability.

All the new updates are scheduled to become available in November 2015. Exact availability dates have yet to be announced.