Nikon has released a second firmware update for the recently-released Z7 mirrorless camera adding three new bug fixes plus updates to help displays.

Firmware version 1.02 follows the release of firmware version 1.01 on 25 October, which fixed  an issue that in rare circumstances caused the camera to stop responding during burst photography with NEF (RAW) selected for Image quality and On selected for Silent photography in the PHOTO SHOOTING MENU. Changes applied in the new firmware are as follows:
1. Fixes an issue that caused the display to flicker if pictures were scrolled during playback zoom after the user had taken pictures using the viewfinder with Prioritize viewfinder selected for monitor mode and then removed his or her eye from the viewfinder before starting playback.

  1. Fixes an issue that caused Capture NX-D or ViewNX-i to crash when displaying NEF (RAW) pictures taken with the following options selected for HDR (high dynamic range) in the PHOTO SHOOTING MENU: HDR mode: On (series) or On (single photo), Save individual images (NEF): On
  2. Fixes an issue that allowed the camera to exceed the value chosen for ISO sensitivity settings > Maximum sensitivity in the MOVIE SHOOTING MENU if it was from ISO 200 to 20,000 and On was selected for MOVIE SHOOTING MENU > Electronic VR.

Updates are also provided for some help displays.

The new firmware is available for downloading at the Nikon Download Centre.