Leica Camera and Olympus Imaging have released firmware updates that provide performance improvements in specific cameras.


Olympus’s firmware adds improvements to the built-in stabilisation functions in the E-M1 (above) and E-M5 Mark II  cameras. It also includes several camera-specific bug fixes. You can download firmware Version 4.1 for the E-M1 and Version 2.2 for the E-M5 Mark II, along with the Olympus Digital Camera Updater utility on the  Olympus website.

Leica’s firmware update Version 1.5  applies to the  Leica T (Typ 701), providing significant improvements in response times. The camera’s start-up time is significantly reduced and autofocusing is said to become twice as fast with the new firmware. Also added is the ability for the camera to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot, instead of simply connecting to an existing facility. The new firmware can be downloaded from the Leica website.