Leica Camera has released new firmware updates for the Leica T and Leica X Vario cameras.

The firmware version 1.2 for the Leica T enhances the performance profile of the camera with the following functions:
1. A new lock for the setting dial that can be activated and deactivated by touching the corresponding icon.
2. Users can change from Live View mode to video with a horizontal swipe across the display.
3. A new touch-and-release autofocus function can now be selected in autofocus mode and activated with a touch.
4. Users will be able to review single exposures in the EVF and control browsing with the camera’s left setting dial.
5. Users of the digiscoping adapters for the Leica T (the Leica T2 adapter will be available from November 2014) also benefit from the new digiscoping programme in the selection of scene modes.
6. Automatic playback now features an ‘off’ setting and faster playback times.
7. Playback zoom can now be controlled by touch: one double touch magnifies the image by 30% and a second double touch reverts to the full-frame view.
8. The new firmware update also allows the preservation of existing Wi-Fi settings and user profiles when resetting the camera to factory defaults, if required. Connecting to known Wi-Fi networks is also faster.

Other improvements include a new keypad design for optimised handling and input response time; improved visibility of the setting dial display; a revision to the exposure compensation display (the neutral EV 0 setting is shown on the info bar); and a flash display that now shows a ‘flash not possible’ symbol when the shutter release is half-pressed when shutter speeds are too fast for flash photography. Automatic monitor brightness adjustments are also smoother and easier on the eye.

The firmware version 1.1 for the Leica X Vario also extends shutter speed selections in Auto ISO mode from 1 s to 1/1000 s. After updating, Auto ISO will remain active in M mode. Direct access to exposure compensation in A and T modes becomes possible with the thumb wheel. The Info button can be used in the same way as the menu/set button to confirm the menu selection or to start video playback with the camera in video playback mode. The audio volume in video playback can be controlled by the upper and lower arrow pad buttons. The flash button is now only active when the built-in flash is extended or when a Leica accessory flash unit is mounted on the camera.

Users wishing to bring their products up to date can now download the new firmware versions 1.2 for the Leica T (Type 701) and 1.1 for the Leica X Vario (Type 107)free of charge from the Leica website.