Nikon has released firmware updates for six of its DSLR cameras: the D3400, D5600, D7200, D500, D750 and D810.

The sole purpose of the updates for the D3400, D5600 and D500 is to fix an issue that resulted in unreliable connections between the camera and the iOS 10.2 version of the SnapBridge app.   The update for the D7200 is more extensive and fixes the following issues: If On was selected for Auto distortion control, distortion would appear at the edges of photos taken with NEF (RAW) + JPEG fine selected for Image quality and Medium selected for Image size. Pictures would sometimes not be recorded. Optimal exposure would sometimes not be achieved in photos taken in live view using a lens with electromagnetically controlled aperture (type E and PC-E lenses).

Firmware Version 1.11 for the D750 fixes most of the same issues and also one where the option chosen for Custom Setting f5 (Customize command dials) > Change main/sub in CUSTOM SETTINGS MENU group f (Controls) would not be saved when Save settings was selected for Save/load settings in the SETUP MENU.

Firmware version 1.12 for the D810 adds corrections for the following issues:

  •  Multiple exposures were not recorded correctly.
  •  Incorrect histograms would be displayed for some images viewed in the RGB histogram display during playback.
  •  If  On  was selected for  Auto distortion control, distortion would appear at the edges of photos taken with  NEF (RAW) + JPEG fine  selected for  Image quality  and  Medium  selected for  JPEG/TIFF recording  >  Image size.
  •  Photos taken immediately after lenses were exchanged would not be recorded at the correct exposure.
  •  The protect icon did not display correctly.
  •  If  On  was selected for  Auto distortion control, the camera would stop responding when the user attempted to take pictures with  NEF (RAW) + JPEG fine  selected for  Image quality,  Small  selected for  NEF (RAW) recording  >  Image size, and  RAW primary – JPEG secondary  selected for  Secondary slot function.
  •  Shutter speeds for the electronic front-curtain shutter would sometimes be faster than 1/2000 s.
  •  Pictures would sometimes not be recorded.

The updates to the D7200, D750, and D810  also add support for the WT-7 wireless transmitter. Links to individual camera updates can be found at