Samsung has finally released firmware version 1.2 update for the NX1 camera, which was promised at the beginning of this month.


Created in response to requests and suggestions of early adopters of the innovative NX1, the v. 1.2 update provides a substantial list of new features, particularly for users who shoot video. The complete list of the latest updates is published below:

1. C Gamma and DR Gamma curves added for movie shooting

2. Video master black level control in 31 steps

3. Video luminance level limiting [0-255], [16-235], [16-255]

4. Video AF responsiveness control in 5 steps (dictates camera’s readiness to change AF subject)

5. Video AF speed control for more cinematic refocusing (3 settings)

6. Wider range of display options, including gridline, center, aspect ratio and action-safe area markers

7. Audio levels adjustable during movie capture

8. General improvement in the image quality of FHD video

9. ‘Pro’ movie quality setting added for 1080 capture

10. AF / Manual Focus and SAF / CAF toggling in movie mode

11. Autofocus lock option in movie mode

12. 23.98p and 24p frame rates for 3840×2160 and 1920×1080 video

13. ISO adjustable during movie capture

14. Output time code (free run) over HDMI (for use with external recorders)

15. Wi-Fi and [REC] buttons functions can be swapped

16. AF On and AEL buttons functions can be swapped

17. Depth of Field Preview and Delete buttons are customizable and additional functions are available on custom buttons.

18. Added ISO or Exposure Compensation to command dial (customizable per PASM mode)

19. Command dials direction of operation can be reversed

20. AE and Exposure Compensation improved in M mode

  1) Able to control Exposure Compensation in M mode

  2) EV scale now available in manual mode when flash is attached (shows ambient exposure)

  3) Movie AE is more stable in M mode

21. Trap Shot feature: fires shutter when a subject crosses a specified guideline

22. It is now possible to off the NR in Bulb mode

23. When setting ISO Auto, the chosen ISO value is displayed in real time

24. User can select from four AF area sizes when using CAF + Multi AF

  User can also position the sensitive area where they would like to begin tracking a subject from.

  If subject moves out of selected area AF continues tracking.

26. Change the flash control value from 0.5EV to 0.3EV

26. Exposure/Focus Separation on/off option

27. Smartphone App can operate as remote release using Bluetooth

  (The Samsung Camera Manager App must be updated through the Google Play Store)

28. Checks installs for firmware updates over Wi-Fi

29. Samsung Remote Studio for tethered shooting from Windows PC

  (Samsung Remote Studio software can be downloaded from i-Launcher in February)

30. Samsung to release SDK for Windows to allow independent remote control software creation

  (Samsung Remote Studio software can be downloaded from i-Launcher in February)

31. Pair with multiple smart devices (only for Android OS Smartphone)

32. Selecting and grabbing frames from video

33. Added new option: ‘Save Selection AF Position’

34. Menu re-arranged for improved usability

35. Fixed minor bugs

Owners of the NX1 will need the Samsung i-Launcher program to install the new firmware. A guide to installing and using it is available  here.

The new firmware can be downloaded here.

NX1 owners may also need to download the updated version of the user manual for the camera for explanations in using the new functions.