Nikon has released firmware version C:1.32 for the D4S professional DSLR camera.

Nikon’s latest firmware fixes issues that would in rare cases occur when RAW+JPEG photographs were taken with write-enabled cards inserted in both the XQD and CompactFlash card slots,  RAW primary – JPEG secondary  selected for  Secondary slot function  in the  SHOOTING MENU, and  On  selected for  Network  >  Options  >  Auto send  in the  SETUP MENU.

– The camera would sometimes freeze on restart after users had (1) pressed the shutter-release button all the way down without first activating the standby timer and then (2) allowed the timer to expire or turned the camera off without first reactivating the timer.

– If the shutter-release button was pressed all the way down to begin shooting with the standby timer off, the first shot would sometimes neither be marked for transfer nor uploaded.

Firmware version C:1.32 for the D4S can be downloaded from