Fujifilm and Kodak have announced increases in the worldwide prices of their remaining film products, with Kodak also discontinuing production of three slide films.

Fujifilm has announced a ‘substantial’ rise in the price of Fujifilm photographic films, effective from April 2013 onward. No precise figure has been given, but it is expected to be ‘at least double digit’  in value. This follows a 20% price rise implemented by the company in May, 2012 across the company’s  black and white, colour negative, and colour reversal films. The price rise will also apply to single-use cameras.
 The Kodak films that will no longer be manufactured due to declining demand are E100VS, E100G and Elite Chrome Extra Color 100. The company’s intention to cease production of these films was announced roughly as year  ago    Kodak still producesPortra and Ektar colour negative films and Tri-X, T-Max and BW400CN monochrome films. The company will be increasing the price of all its films by 15%, although no date has been provided for the price increase.  
 Both companies attribute the changes to a falling  demand for film products, coupled with increasing costs for raw materials and energy. So if you are still shooting on film, we suggest you stock up now.