Kodak Professional in Japan has announced ‘price revisions’ for film, paper and processing chemistry, effective early next month.

Citing ‘decrease in global demand’ for these products, the Kodak website has announced the following price increases for its silver halide products:
Professional colour film prices will rise by between 7% and 134%
Black and white film will go up by between 6% and 191%
Amateur colour films will see price increases of 39% to 101%
Kodak monochrome and colour processing chemicals will increase by approximately 15%

Kodak also announces the discontinuation of the following professional film packs due to the decrease in demand:  S-Gold 400 135-36 (10 roll), PORTRA 160-220 (5 roll), PORTRA 400-220 (5 roll), BW400CN 135-36 and TXP 320 5 x 7.