Fujifilm and Kodak have recently made some changes to the pricing and availability of their silver halide based film products.

Kodak has followed Fujifilm by announcing price increases for certain film products, which will take effect in Japan in June and probably extend world-wide. The increases vary with different film formats, with increases between 30% and 80% in the prices of the T-Max 35mm emulsions and up to 120% for 4×5 T-Max 400 film packs (50 sheets).   These price hikes follow the announcement by Fujifilm last December of ‘substantial’ price increases for its   Colour Negative Film, Colour Reversal Film, Black and White Film and Quick Snap photographic film products. Which took effect on 1 April 2014. This month, Fujifilm has announced the dropping of its Neopan 400 Presto film in 35mm format and Fujicolor Pro 400 120 roll film due to ‘insufficient demand’.