SunStudios has been announced as the photo-channel distributor in Australia and New Zealand for the f-stop brand of premium camera packs and accessories.


The f-stop modular system of camera bags, packs and accessories enables photographers to fully customise the ways they carry equipment. (Source: f-stop.)
The system enables photographers to compile customised camera packs, based on three simple steps. The first is to choose an  ICU, or Internal Camera Unit,  which accommodates the camera equipment and other  key items. The second is to choose a pack to accommodate one or more ICUs. The third involves adding accessories like rain covers, lens cases and pouches, media wallets, straps and hydration sleeves. The ICUs and accessory containers are secured inside of the pack via Velcro tabs and connection loops.

The packs have designed in collaboration with working professional photographers  to provide excellent comfort and weather protection.  To learn more about the f-stop System, visit:

SunStudios will have f-stop products available from 1 May 2017. For more information, contact Alan Brightman, on  0408 028 171 or email